Winter works progress

Winter works update

Please find below a progress report on various winter projects currently being carried out on the course

1 Lakes 4th green

Hump on left side as we look at the picture reduced by about 12”. This will allow better water retention in the summer. You can pick out the new perimeter of the green where we have removed turf, ready for full removal of existing surface. This will soon be totally re turfed, with an increased green surface area of around 25%


2 Tree line clearance

Further branch and treeline clearance on Lakes 2nd and 18th


3 Lakes 1st Bunker

Work underway to remove the large face. Face will be reduced from 11” to 3”, giving an easier option coming out of the sand.

4 Dawson 6th tee

Existing turf stripped off and ready for re levelling. New turf will be put down to replace.


5 Old course 14th Winter tee

A new tee to use for winter 2019/20 left of the path. Turf we are stripping from the other jobs is being used to surface the new tee.

6 Dawson 16th Tee

re build of the existing tee ready for turfing

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