2017 Competition management

Following the past few competition committee meetings, we have been deliberating over the best way in taking forward the competition program, and utilising other media in which to promote them. By using the website, the app and "how did I do", it will enable us to increase participation and get results and handicaps finalised almost immediately. From these discussions, it has been mutually decided to dissolve the current committee operation, and replace it with a club management led working group. I thought it best, for the ease of transition, to ask the existing committee members if they'd like to take part, along with representation from the shop. Should a position become available thereafter, then I will promote it to all members. The existing funds built up will be transferred and used in exactly the same way as in the past, for competition pay out, donations to sections, trophies etc, and will be itemised monthly along with competition income reports. The working group will also look after handicap affairs. More detail will follow in due course, but you can be rest assured that any changes are for the betterment of, and playablity of the competition program, making them ultimately much more streamlined for everyone.

We are also looking at renewing our trophy stock. If you currently have possession of a trophy would you please drop into the club so we can see if it needs replacing.

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